4th Brain Tumours Conference 2018: From Biology to Therapy

Country: Poland

City: Warsaw

Abstr. due: 30.05.2018

Dates: 21.06.18 — 23.06.18

Area Of Sciences: Biology;

Organizing comittee e-mail: braintumors@nencki.gov.pl

Organizers: Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology and Foundation of Clinical and Experimental Oncology


This is the fourth international conference focused on recent findings and achievements in brain tumor biology and therapy. It consists of four sessions: Brain tumor pathobiology and diagnosis; Signaling in brain tumors; Glioma immunology and immunotherapy; Emerging brain tumor therapies. The main aim of the conference is the evaluation of current state of the art research in diagnosis, biology and therapy of brain tumours. Complex interactions between tumor cell, microenvironment and host immunity will be discussed. The collegial environment will foster interdisciplinary cross-talks and spark new scientific collaborations. Thanks to its high scientific quality, avoidence of parallel scientific sessions, specialized topics focused on basic and clinical research on brain tumor biology and therapy, it will provide an exceptional chance for extending knowledge and catching up with recent advances in innovative therapies of these deadly tumors.

The invited speakers are internationally recognized experts in the field of neuro-oncology. Usually neuro-oncology conferences are very clinically oriented, while this conference puts the emphasis on biology and the cellular and molecular mechanisms of brain tumor pathology.

The conference provides unique opportunities for students and young investigators to present posters and be selected for short talks. There is a low registration fee for young researchers to enhance their participation.

Conference Web-Site: http://braintumorswarsaw.pl/