Origines Et Mutationes: V Progress – Crisis – Restoration throughout the history: From the ancient times until the 19th century

Country: Poland

City: Gdańsk

Abstr. due: 01.05.2018

Dates: 06.09.18 — 07.09.18

Area Of Sciences: History and archeology;

Organizing comittee e-mail: baltic.conf@gmail.com

Organizers: University of Gdańsk


We invite to submit entries to participate in the "Origines et Mutationes" conference organised by the Faculty of History at the University of Gdańsk and the town of Pruszcz Gdański. This year, i.e. 2018, we are going to focus on the "Progress– Crisis – Restoration" theme.
History has noted many cases of spectacular bloom on the one hand and deep crises on the other, after which time to restore would follow. These changes were caused by both the longue durée processes and sudden external factors, and in addition, even a single event could lead to economic, political and social crisis. It affected whole states, particular social groups and/or specific families and individuals. The aim of our conference is to discuss the causes of crises, ways of introducing changes as well as looking at reforms undertaken in order to deal with them.

Papers will be divided into themed panels, among which we plan to have a panel on local history, focused particularly on the situation in the antiquity and the early Middle Ages.

The conference will take place between 6-7 September 2018 in Pruszcz Gdański on the premises of Faktoria Handlowa.

Conference Web-Site: http://events.history.ac.uk/event/show/16305