International Conference on Educational Frontiers

Country: Philippines

City: Manila

Abstr. due: 08.06.2018

Dates: 03.10.18 — 05.10.18

Area Of Sciences: Pedagogy;

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Organizers: API


With the theme, Education in the Age of Fake News and A.I., the conference offers opportunities for educators to exchange ideas as they wrestle with contemporary issues and questions in education, as well as learn from experts and colleagues.

In the context of greater access to information and innovations, we ask about the role, importance, and new frontiers in education: not only in what happens inside classrooms, but more so those that affect schools and the education ecosystem. 

Conference Strands

Education Policy, Research and Practice

Under this strand, participants explore the impact of policy and research on education. Researchers, policy makers, and teachers are invited to learn and share about critical issues at institutional, national, regional, and global levels as institutions navigate new frontiers.

Ed Leadership and School Improvement

Under this strand, participants discuss innovations in school leadership and administration and its impact and implications on all stakeholders of the school. Examples include using big data and technologies, updating policies responsive to 21st century needs, and fostering communities in the digital age.

Innovations in Learning and Teaching

Under this strand, participants talk about new prospects for the what and how of learning and teaching. In terms of the what, participants share about content students should learn in the age of fake news and AI. In terms of the how, they discuss new ways for students to engage with ideas and people.


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