Surplace Master Scholarship for International Students at Technical University of Berlin in Germany

Country: Germany;

Deadline: 10.06.2018

  • Apply early
    Many scholarship providers ask for a proof of acceptance from your desired study program. It is therefore important to apply for our Master’s programs as early as possible. After reviewing and approving your application documents, we will issue a (Preliminary) Letter of Acceptance, which you can submit to your chosen donor organizations with a request for financial assistance.
  • Try multiple options
    It is advisable to apply for several scholarship opportunities at the same time. In this way, you improve your chances of being accepted and receiving the required assistance.
  • Look for additional funders
    Our list below contains a wide variety of donors and is updated and extended regularly. At the same time, it cannot entail all possible scholarships that exist. Thus, we strongly encourage you to conduct further research into additional financing options.
  • Prepare proper application documents
    Spend some time on compiling you application documents. Prepare a well-arranged CV, erase spelling mistakes and pay attention to the use of formal language. If you are asked to hand in a Letter of Motivation, clearly formulate your interests and the reasons behind your request. Keep in mind that you are asking for financial assistance. For this your potential supporters demand readable documents and complete applications.