ICOFEB 2018 - 1st International Conference on Finance, Economics and Business

Country: Indonesia

City: Lhokseumawe

Abstr. due: 24.08.2018

Dates: 12.11.18 — 13.11.18

Area Of Sciences: Economics and management;

Organizing comittee e-mail: icofeb@unimal.ac.id

Organizers: Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Universitas Malikussaleh


Etymology defines ethics as “the science of morals”. It has to be impulsed in every aspect of human interaction including in business. Since last decade, ethics has become an interesting topic to deeply research inclusively in doing global business. Many evils were found in conducting business; cheating, fake transaction and other means of making other in the loss. For more, most companies did not consider destroying the environment as an impact of their ugly production process. Later on, people start realizing that doing bad things in business will directly or indirectly affect their own business sustainability. And impulsing ethics, morals, and value in running a business is the only way to keep the business running..

Scholars have explored the existence of business ethics literally. Local culture, religion gospel, and rules of thumb are the sources which ethics was applied in the life of human kinds. And Islamic ethics was deeply explored in most part of the world.

Peter Koslowski described in his book “Principles of Ethical Economy” (2008) that a comprehensive theory of economics cannot be based only on self-interest. Ethical economy unites economic and ethical judgments in a unity (political economy), while economic theory using insight from ethical theory to analyze the goodness of the norm and institutional arrangement..

The 1st International Conference of Finance, Economics, and Business initiate gathering the scholar to share their experience, the things that they’ve found in their research to the entire world regarding the importance of impulsing ethics in every aspect of the business process and influencing the regulator in designing judicial product. An additional goal of the ICOFEB 2018 is to offer an opportunity for young researchers, academicians, and practitioners with multidisciplinary interests to meet and interact with members inside and outside their own particular disciplines. The papers will be presented in English. Participants are welcome to submit their studies. Abstracts and full-texts should be in English. All papers will be assessed by double-blind peer review.

Conference Web-Site: http://icofeb.unimal.ac.id/

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