7th International Conference on Endangered and Lesser Known Languages

Country: India

City: Kolkata

Abstr. due: 15.08.2018

Dates: 20.02.19 — 23.02.19

Area Of Sciences: Humanities;

Organizing comittee e-mail: srieli.sll.ju@gmail.com

Organizers: Jadavpur University


The conference will be organized under the University Grants Commission sponsored Project “Study and research in Indigenous and endangered languages during XII plan". The project was given to school of languages and linguistics initially on Sept 9, 2015 and after subsequent ratification, commenced from April 2016 and as per its current commitment it is likely to continue till March 2021. The aim as per the proposal presented to the UGC is to document and build resources on twenty endangered and minor lesser known languages and communities across West Bengal, India. The resources include recordings, images, textual data, linguistic data, anthropological data, language vitality data and so on. Based on this, the resources will be archived on one hand and on the other grammars, dictionaries, reports and segmented audio-visual files will be made available through web.

Archiving and Data management of the endangered and lesser known languages

We invite submissions on the following and related sub-themes:
Documentation of endangered and lesser-known languages
Language ecology
Language endangerment scenario
Language policy and language planning
Language revitalization
Community’s participation in language revitalization process
Development of script and orthography
Mother tongue based multilingual education
Technologies for endangered and lesser-known languages
Field ethics and case studies
Language archiving
Language contact, maintenance and shift
Linguistic human rights

Conference Web-Site: https://sites.google.com/jadavpuruniversity.in/elkl7ju/call-for-papersworkshops