International Political Science Conference

Country: Turkey

City: Istanbul

Abstr. due: 24.08.2018

Dates: 30.11.18 — 01.12.18

Area Of Sciences: Political science;

Organizing comittee e-mail:

Organizers: DAKAM


In 2018 Political Science Conference we like to discuss on the theoretical and practical matters of politics and social processes, the means of formation of authoritarian power as well as potentialities of resistance to authoritarianism; social movements, dialectics of force and consent in the creation of power, and the means of ideological legitimization of government policies.

There are various forms of parliamentary democracy in the world and some of them are quiet far from meeting its basic prerequisites. However, recently there are various complaints about the failures and shortcomings of parliamentary democracy even in the most developed countries. Especially the concept of political representation has become the basic problematic issue in dealing with parliamentary democracy. It is completely related to the decrease in voting turnout in most of the developed “parliamentary democracies” as most of the people do not think that they are being represented in one way or another. In that sense the shortcomings and failures of parliamentary democracy and political representation would be very useful to deal with the most current and popular problem.

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