Conference on Feminist and Gender Studies: Global Perspectives –Media, Literature, and Performance

Country: India

City: Pondicherry

Abstr. due: 30.08.2018

Dates: 21.02.19 — 24.02.19

Area Of Sciences: Sociology; Cultural science;

Organizing comittee e-mail:

Organizers: Namaste Educational Academy (NEA)


The Sahitya– a hub of faculty, scholars and lovers of literature, language, and culture — is an exciting and innovative platform of Namaste Educational Academy (NEA) to debate and discuss contemporary literary trends that rejuvenate, formulate and shape the academia. Although, simplistically Sahitya is
denoted as literature, the word, refers to the act of learning, a class of writings distinguished for its aesthetics, a profession connected to literary work and
collectively to literary productions. The term, Sahitya is derived from the Sanskrit word, sahita meaning togetherness. Therefore, Sahitya could be a
confluence, coming together, a meeting, literature, literary theories and so on. This new platform of NEA will open itself to the discursiveness of the term, ‘Sahitya’ and would like to, in its endeavor, research on pulsating topics in humanities and social sciences.

  NEA’s The Sahitya believes that creativity can be sustained, only when we listen and hear different perspectives in our debates on culture and
literature. We desire to instill a sense of enquiry through our platform and therefore have endeavored to introduce through our annual conferences a sense of the heterogeneity, plurality and diversity of literary and cultural studies. This platform supported by scholars who wish to disentangle academic discussions from the shackles of bureaucracy and power politics will be home to a conference that inspires and kindles quality discussions on advances, research and
pedagogy of language, literature and culture. These inquiries we hope to put across through paper presentations, panel discussions, round tables, interactive workshops, literary readings, film screenings and guest speakers.

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