22nd International Conference On Database Theory (ICDT 2019)

Country: Portugal

City: Lisbon

Abstr. due: 16.09.2018

Dates: 25.03.19 — 25.03.19

Area Of Sciences: Physics and math; Technical sciences;

Organizing comittee e-mail: https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=icdt2019.

Organizers: ICDT Committee


ICDT is a series of international scientific conferences on research of data management theory
(https://databasetheory.org/icdt-pages). Since 2009, it is annually and jointly held with EDBT (Extending DB Technology). The 22nd edition of ICDT, in 2019, is planned to take place in Lisbon, Portugal.

Broadening Scope

Continuing with the idea of broadening its scope, ICDT 2019 will have a Reach Out track that calls for
- novel formal frameworks and/or
- articles that connect principles of data management to other communities.
Papers submitted to this track should suggest novel and important directions for database theory and provide a theoretical basis for understanding emerging areas in data management. This year we especially encourage articles that introduce novel formal frameworks and/or establish connections between the area of principles of data management and neighboring communities such as Database Systems, Operating Systems, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Representation, Programming Languages, and Distributed Computing.

It is reasonable for articles submitted to the Reach Out track to be be shorter than regular ICDT submissions. Such papers will be judged mainly in terms of their potential to lead to further theoretical developments, and therefore the efforts should be the focused on illustrating the proposed framework via convincing examples, preliminary results, and clearly defined open problems.   

Topics of Interest

Every topic related to the principles of data management is relevant to ICDT. Particularly welcome are contributions that connect data management to theoretical computer science, and those that connect database theory and database practice. Examples of relevant topics are:
- Data mining, information extraction, information retrieval, and database aspects of machine learning
- Data models, design, structures, semantics, query languages, and algorithms for data management
- Distributed and parallel databases, cloud computing
- Connections between databases and knowledge representation
- Graph databases, (semantic) Web data, and Web services
- Data streams and sketching
- Data-centric (business) process management and workflows
- Data and knowledge integration and exchange, data provenance, views, and data warehouses
- Domain-specific databases (multimedia, scientific, spatial, temporal, text)
- Data privacy and security, concurrency, and recovery

Conference Web-Site: https://databasetheory.org/node/87