2019 ASLO Meeeting - Planet Water: Challenges and Successes/Planeta Agua: Retos y exitos

Country: Puerto Rico

City: San Juan

Abstr. due: 01.10.2018

Dates: 24.02.19 — 01.03.19

Area Of Sciences: Geology and mineralogy; Geography;

Organizing comittee e-mail: https://aslo.org/r/rt/rt=1&item=17&gtype=5&req=OK

Organizers: The Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography


In 2019, ASLO will meet in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The theme of this meeting will be Planet Water: Challenges and Successes/Planeta Agua: Retos y exitos. The dates of the meeting run from Saturday to Saturday, with the scientific portion taking place Sunday to Friday (24 February to 1 March). We are encouraging sign-up for a variety of community service projects that will be organized to help those in Puerto Rico as they continue to recover from the devastating hurricanes. We invite you to participate in this dialogue among limnologists and oceanographers from around the world. Our conference theme is particularly fitting as we face challenges with water on a global scale as well as on the island of Puerto Rico.

Contributed Session Topics

Anthropogenic Interface

    Human and social dimensions
    Management and conservation of aquatic systems
    Urban Ecosystems
    Valuation of aquatic ecosystems and resources

Aquatic Chemistry

    Trace metals
    Stable isotopes
    Gas fluxes


    Nitrogen biogeochemistry and cycling
    Phosphorus biogeochemistry and cycling
    Carbon fluxes in FW & marine environment
    Dissolved organic matter - DOC, DON, DOP, fDOM, cDOM
    Sediment dynamics

Challenges and Successes

    Environmental Change
    Extreme Events
    Harmful blooms
    Novel methods
    Regime shifts
    Success through science

Ecology and Physiology

    Fish and fisheries
    Aquatic food webs
    Community Ecology
    Microbial ecology and physiology
    Phytoplankton ecology and physiology
    Primary Production
    Zooplankton ecology and physiology



    Aquatic Landscape Ecology
    Benthic and littoral Ecology and Physiology
    River and Stream ecology

    Aquatic Invasion Ecology Coral reef ecosystems
    Estuarine ecosystems
    Antarctic ecosystems
    Arctic ecosystems
    Coastal ecosystems

Education and Outreach

    Aquatic Education: K12 to Postgraduate
    Communicating Science to the Public
    Successes in/through education
    Undergraduate Research Projects


    Big data in aquatic systems
    Global oceanography and limnology
    Models & modelling

Physical Science

    Physical dynamics
    Physical-Biological Coupling
    River and Stream ecology


Conference Web-Site: https://aslo.org/page/aslo-2019-aquatic-sciences-meeting