Rules, Norms, and Reasons 1: Kripkenstein’s Paradox

Country: Italy

City: Milano

Abstr. due: 30.11.2018

Dates: 20.05.19 — 21.05.19

Area Of Sciences: Philosophy;

Organizing comittee e-mail:

Organizers: Department of philosophy, University of Milan


In the early ‘80s, Saul Kripke formulated a skeptical paradox on rule-following and meaning, drawing on some remarks from the Philosophical Investigations and other works of Wittgenstein’s. The paradox has generated a plethora of different answers, reactions and responses; it has also given rise to several debates concerning cognate topics, such as the (alleged) normativity of meaning. This workshop aims at discussing the paradox and some of the most interesting philosophical troubles that came with it. There will be room for some contributed talks; possible topics include (but are not limited to):

- Dispositional analyses of meaning.

- Analyses of meaning in terms of natural properties or universals.

- Semantic primitivism.

- Skeptical solutions to Kripkenstein’s Paradox.

- Is meaning normative?

- Kripkenstein’s Paradox and the metaphysics of dispositions.

- Game-theoretic accounts of meaning and rules.

Accepted speakers will be provided with an accommodation at the university. Contingent on funding, the department might be able to contribute to the speakers’ travel expenses, too.

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