Workshop on UNmanned aerial vehicle Applications in the Smart City: from Guidance technology to enhanced system Interaction

Country: Japan

City: Kyoto

Abstr. due: 10.11.2018

Dates: 11.03.19 — 15.03.19

Area Of Sciences: Technical sciences;

Organizing comittee e-mail:

Organizers: International COmmittee


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles-based applications and services in the city are no more a remote possibility, but a short-term and broad-scope economic and social opportunity. Emergency-response coordination, public or private urban infrastructures monitoring, crowds and traffic flow control, logistics or support to intelligent transportation systems are some of the domains in which UAV may become key in the city of the future. Additionally, these aerial platforms will become an important element of the urban sensing network, thus it does exist a need of merging their information with the flow coming from traditional sensors through existing platforms.

Apart from the legislative steps forward, to make these operating scenarios feasible it is essential to ensure the efficient and safe operation of UAV fleets within a restrictive and complex operating area. It is also needed to enable the accurate acquisition, secure transmission and correct interpretation of drone-retrieved information, with the objective of guaranteeing the success of the mission. This second aspect, which considers the integration and exploitation of the mission information in the framework of smart city data and infrastructures, becomes critical to put new applications and business modes into operation.

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