Networking for Intercultural Dialogue

Country: Russian Federation

City: Moscow

Abstr. due: 30.09.2010

Dates: 21.11.10 — 26.11.10

Area Of Sciences: Law; Political science; Sociology;

Organizing comittee e-mail:


UNITED is the largest pan-European antiracist network of more than 560 organisations. With its conferences antiracist and human rights activists from all parts of Europe meet and discuss effective ways of combating racism and discrimination. The upcoming conference: What Can You(th) Do? Networking for Intercultural Dialogue will be held from 21 to 26 November 2010 in Moscow.

In the last few years in Russia, manifestations of xenophobia and racial discrimination have enormously grown and have affected ethnic youth in a particularly harsh way. In order to create solutions to these challenges, the antidiscrimination movement needs to analyse these issues together and more importantly, develop, share and disseminate good practice.

What Can You(th) Do?

* The Conference will bring together around 80 participants from Russia and other European countries, and will provide a forum and working environment to promote the formation of civil society, active youth participation and a positive attitude towards cultural differences in Russia.
* Building the capacity of youth organisations and bridging European and Russian human rights activists will be at the heart of this forthcoming Conference.
* This conference will, through a row of thematic-trainings workshops and plenary sessions, look at specific issues, such as promotion of active youth participation and equal rights, tackle the growth of racism, hate crime and xenophobia in Russia, the role of civil society in preventing and responding to hate crimes, and capacity building for ethnic organisations in Russia.

Working methods

* plenary sessions (with consecutive translation), lectures, thematic-training workshops, political caf?s, presentations, debates, intercultural ‘games’, information market, cultural activities, excursions, open forum.

Conference programme

* the conference is planned for 80-85 participants (living in Europe) who represent (inter)national anti-racist, anti-fascist, refugee, human rights and minority rights organisations;
* active grass-roots groups from all over Europe are also invited;
* each organisation can nominate only ONE delegate.

Working language: English and Russian

Fees and financial support

The participation fee for the conference delegate depends on the country where the nominating organisation is based:
Group 1 – 120 Euro for participants from: A, B, CH, CY, D, DK, E, F, FL, FIN, GB, GR, I, IS, IRL, L, M, N, NL, P, S

Group 2 – 70 Euro for participants from: BG, BH, CZ, EE, H, HR, LV, LT, MK, MNE, PL, RO, RS, SI, SK, TR, XZ

Group 3 – 30 Euro for participants from: AL, ARM, AZ, BY, GE, KZ, KY, MD, RUS, UA, UZB

Full board & lodging and the complete program is included.

* Contribution to international travel costs:

Participants traveling from group 1, UNITED can contribute maximum 80% to the costs of your travel, not more than 350 Euro.

Participants traveling from group 2, UNITED can contribute maximum 80% to the costs of your travel, not more than 325 Euro.

Participants travelling from group 3 (except H) UNITED can contribute maximum 90% to the costs of your travel, not more than 250 Euro.

Application procedure

Organisations interested in nominating a delegate should send their nomination to

The nomination deadline is 30th September 2010 – 24:00

Information source:

Conference Web-Site: