Radboud University Medical Center Master Study Fund for Non-EEA Students in Netherlands

Country: Netherlands;

Deadline: 01.03.2019

Web-Site: ru.nl


About the Radboudumc Study Fund

 Radboud University Medical Center Study Fund is a scholarship for excellent students applying for the Master’s programmes in Biomedical Sciences or Molecular Mechanisms of Disease. The scholarship is highly selective.

The Radboud University Medical Center Study Fund aims to provide very promising students without sufficient financial means the opportunity to complete one of our master’s programme, and possibly enroll in the PhD programme afterwards.

Therefore, each academic year about 9 full scholarships (or more partial) are offered to our most excellent international (non-EEA) applicants for the Biomedical Sciences or Molecular Mechanisms of Disease Master's programmes . Eligibility for a study fund scholarship depends on the interview results, the results from your previous education, and (if applicable) your work experience. Scholarship candidates usually rank among the best 5% of their class.

The Radboud University Medical Center Study Fund is always combined with the Radboud Scholarship Programme. Together the two scholarships cover all tuition fees and living expenses.

For 2018/2019 the Studyfund scholarship amounts to €12,620. The grant comprises of € 2,060 tuition fees (which will be paid directly to Radboud University) and € 10,560 living expenses (which will be paid to the student). For 2019/2020, these amounts will be adjusted to reflect  changes in tuition fees and  the requirements set by the Dutch Immigration Office. Please note no extra costs such as flight and travel are covered.

How to apply

For non-EEA students who wish to apply for the Radboud University Medical Center Study Fund, application for the Radboud Scholarship Programme (RSP) is mandatory. To apply for the Radboud University Medical Center Study Fund and RSP, simply tick the boxes in your Osiris application form when applying for the programme.

As this scholarship is highly selective and competitve, it is recommended that students also apply for other scholarships as back up, such as the Holland Scholarship, the Orange Tulip Scholarship, the Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP), or local government grants (please visit our scholarship website for more information on other scholarships).