Senior Lecturer in landscape architecture

Country: Sweden;

City: Uppsala

Vacancy added: 10.10.2018

Employer: Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences - SLU

Resumes due: 12.12.2018


Faculty of Landscape Architecture, Horticulture and Crop Production Science

Department of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management

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Subject area

Landscape architecture with focus on urban social issues and the residential environment. The built environment as a framework and conditions for people's daily life at different scale levels in the city, and relationships between spatial form and social life. Classical urban development issues as well as how current social challenges can be addressed in the urban environment. A special task will be to maintain, develop and convey knowledge about the residential neighbourhood environment.


The successful candidate will within the subject area for the position:

  • contribute to strengthening the department's teaching and research in the field
  • prepare the students to critically analyse today's urban challenges, in the light of a historical understanding of changing urban design ideals and society's change
  • educate the students in the creative design of habitats where people's different powers and opportunities are noted
  • supervise at undergraduate and postgraduate levels
  • apply for external research funding and develop research on the subject
  • show interest in working in an interdisciplinary context for a sustainable urban design
  • co-operate with relevant actors and stakeholders in society


The applicant shall:

  • have obtained the degree of PhD in landscape architecture, landscape planning, architecture, spatial planning or the equivalent
  • have academic skills within the subject area of the position
  • have teaching proficiency and have completed training in teaching in higher education corresponding to a minimum 10 weeks of studies, or have acquired the corresponding in some other way
  • demonstrated a good ability to communicate in Swedish or other Scandinavian language as well as in English

Assessment criteria

Assessment criteria for the position will primarily be based on the degree to which the application possesses the required qualifications specified for the position. Assessment of pedagogic and scientific skills shall be given equal consideration.

The assessment of pedagogic skills will consider:

  • Course development, planning, implementation, examination and evaluation of teaching
  • Ability to integrate research and a scientific approach in teaching

The assessment of research skills will consider:

  • the applicant's ability to initiate and conduct research and development work within the subject area

In addition to the above criteria the following skills will be taken into account:

  • practical experience focusing on the planning and design of urban environments
  • a strong collaborative national and international network in research and teaching
  • good collaboration skills

Final date for application:


Place of work:


Form of Employment:

Permanent employment


100 %

Starting date:

According to agreement


Use the document Application guidelines for appointment as professor, senior lecturer or associate senior lecturer at SLU as guide when you fill in your application.

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