DECOR2019: Data Engineering meets Food and Cooking Recipes 2019

Country: China

City: Macau

Abstr. due: 07.12.2018

Dates: 08.04.19 — 08.04.19

Area Of Sciences: Technical sciences;

Organizing comittee e-mail:

Organizers: IEEE


The Second Workshop on Data Engineering meets intelligent food and COoking Recipes (DECOR) aims to accelerate research in data science by providing a forum for the latest innovations in the intersection of Data Engineering and Intelligent Food and Cooking Recipes, concerning data and software organization, integration, and sharing.  This workshop is specifically focused on data science innovations that accelerate the integration, access, and sharing of digital objects in support of Intelligent Food and Cooking Recipes domain, which comprises not only the process of cooking, but also includes intelligent methods for enhancing human-food interactions, ranging from devising technology, playful interactions, multisensory experience design, understanding cross-cultural food eating habits and perception, as well as  food choices and health connections. Consequently, increasing the ability of influencing food eating habits and choices that promote, simultaneously, healthful eating-decisions and creative new human-food interaction experiences.

List of Topics
Foundation and Technologies for Intelligent Food and Cooking Recipes
- Data engineering and Design Science in the food domain
- Cooking and recipe computing- Nutrition data mining
- Cooking recipe benchmarking
- Data semantic modelling and ontology engineering for food data
- Recipe data management
- Big Data and cooking recipes
Data Analytics in Recipe Computing
- Recipe data analytics
- Open cooking linked data analysis
- Food ontology|
- Social data analysis for recipe computing
- Eating behavior analysis
- Culture analytics for food recommender system 
- Multimedia food data analysis
Machine Learning and Deep Learning for Computational Cooking
- Multi-modal representation learning (Image/text alignment)
- Recommendation systems, benchmarking and performance evaluation
- Classification for food data
- Recipe or cross-modal retrieval
- Content generation for recipe computing
Collective intelligence for Recipe Computing
- Knowledge discovery from recipe computing
- Data visualization for food decision making
- Decision-making in intelligent food system
- Interactions in recipe computing
- Food recommender system for group
- Data visualization for enhance food sensorial experience
Nutritional Value and Applications for Intelligent Food Systems
- Automated recipe and nutrients conversion 
- Nutritional model for the intelligent food system
- Healthy eating models
- Health-aware food recommender systems 
- Personalization and health model

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