Bridges to ENpower

Country: Poland;

Deadline: 23.11.2018


The project’s priority is to provide youth workers with trainers knowledge and skills in order to provide workshops on visual communication, entrepreneurship,  volunteering and work counselling, to professionally help young people to better integrate into the labor market.

Specific objectives:

Equip the youth workers & educators with knowledge and skills on workshop design.

Equip the youth workers & educators with theory and possible workshop scenarios on Visual Communication, Entrepreneurship, Career counselling and Volunteering.

Develop the youth workers & educators  knowledge about evaluation and assessment methods for workshops, workshop participants or young people in general.

Do you fulfill this criteria?

-Active youth worker / volunteer in organizations working with youth / educational institution and / or wanting to conduct workshops for young people on volunteering, visual communication, entrepreneurship and career counselling.

-Older than 18 years old

-Good level of English

-Beginners level of experience in delivering workshops for youth (15-17 years old)

-Be ready to pay 50€ participation fee

The whole training will take place in a nice hotel outside Warsaw, 20 km from the city centre.

Zespół Konferencyjno-Szkoleniowy

ul. Sienkiewicza 11/13

05-510 Konstancin-Jeziorna

Tel. + 48 22 461 65 00, + 48 22 461 66 01

Website: (unfortunately only in Polish).

At the venue it is possible to use internet for free (WIFI). Accommodation will be in double rooms. Towels and bed linens will be provided.

Accommodation and food during the training will be covered by the hosting organizations for all participants.

Travel costs up to 180€ to and from Warsaw will be reimbursed during the training.

Participant fee of 50€ should be transferred to the bank account of the “Resonance” Foundation.

You should arrive at the latest on January 25th in the evening to Warsaw, and leave not earlier than February 1st. If you want to stay longer in Warsaw, we can recommend hotels, but the accommodation costs will be your responsibility.