The International Conference on Sleep Disorders and Neuropsychology (CSDN 2019)

Country: China

City: Kunming

Abstr. due: 01.05.2019

Dates: 01.06.19 — 03.06.19

Area Of Sciences: Psychology;

Address: 昆明市官渡区昆明锦江大酒店(北京路店)

Organizing comittee e-mail:

Organizers: Engineering

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CSDN 2019 will be an important and reliable platform for inspiring international and interdisciplinary exchange at the forefront of Sleep Disorders and Neuropsychology.

Call for Papers
Acquired Brain Injury 
ADHD/Attentional Functions
Applied sleep psychology
Autism Spectrum Disorders
Behavioral Neurology/Cerebral Lateralization/Callosal Studies
Business in Sleep Medicine
Cognitive, behavioral and non‐medication interventions for sleep disorders
Dementia (Alzheimer's Disease)
Dementia (Non-AD)
Emotional Processes
Forensic Neuropsychology
Language and Speech Functions/Aphasia
Learning Disabilities/Academic Skills
MCI (Mild Cognitive Impairment)
Memory Functions
Mental and Physical Causes of Insomnia
Mental Health Disorders Related to Sleep
Multiple Sclerosis/ALS/Demyelinating Disorders
Normal and disordered sleep
Obstructive Sleep Apnea during Pregnancy
Pediatric Sleep Disorders: Diagnosis and Treatment
Psychopathology/Neuropsychiatry (Including Schizophrenia)
Sleep changes related to age
Sleep cycles
Sleep Disorders
Sleep deprivation
Sleep physiology
Sleep regulation
Sleep Therapy Approaches
Sleep, the Heart and the Brain
The effects of sleep medications on the brain
The neuropsychology of sleep and dreaming
Treatment monitoring
Trends in Sleep medicine and therapy
Visuopatial Functions/Neglect/Agnosia

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