Crossroads of the Transatlantic Humanities Student Conference at Nova Southeastern University

Country: USA

City: Davie

Abstr. due: 18.01.2019

Dates: 23.03.19 — 23.03.19

Organizing comittee e-mail:

Organizers: Department of History and Political Science & the Department of Literature and Modern Languages, College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Nova Southeastern University


This conference builds on the concept of South Florida as a crossroads of the Transatlantic world and asks students to develop presentations that explore the humanities and the convergence of cultures, values, and ideas not only in South Florida but throughout the Americas. The Humanities Student Conference strives to incorporate diverse perspectives and topics from a range of humanities fields including history, philosophy, literature, languages, cultural theory, and the arts. We also invite papers in legal studies, political science, national security, communication, conflict resolution studies, and international relations when approached with a humanities lens. Undergraduate and graduate students from all academic institutions are invited to submit abstracts of 150 words or less to Dr. Andrea Shaw Nevins no later than January 18th, 2019.

Possible topics include the following:

Law-making in the Americas
Ethics and national security
Historicizing national security
Expanding the boundaries of genre and medium
Reshaping transatlantic studies through digital humanities
Informing transatlantic studies through interdisciplinarity 
The politics of language, translation, and code-switching
Invasions of Ideology
Shifting borders, permanent boundaries
Conflict representations in media
Mobility and crisis in the Americas
Exchanges between the Old World and New World
Influences of indigenous culture
Conceptions of self/other
False memories, forged identities
Transgression, fluidity, and forbidden territories in politics and identity

Conference Web-Site: