Post-doc Mineral Processing

Country: Belgium;

City: Mol

Vacancy added: 31.10.2018

Employer: VITO

Vacancy type: PostDoc vacancy;



The Waste Recycling Technologies (ART) team of VITO is looking for a creative and motivated postdoctoral researcher to pioneer the recovery of valuable metals and minerals from mineral waste streams (like metal slags, incineration ashes, industrial sludges,…) through innovative mineral processing technologies.  

As a post-doctoral fellow you will be part of an experienced and well-equipped research team at  advanced material processing techniques, to provide  a clear view on how to  recover resources for both industry and government. Using innovative approaches and a thorough knowledge, we strive towards a sustainable transformation of waste into high-quality products which contributes to the circular economy

The proposed 2 year post doctoral research will focus on the removal and recovery of (valuable) metals/minerals from mineral waste materials by means of physical separation techniques. Traditional techniques for extraction and separation of valuable metals/minerals have often been designed for primary ores and can be hampered by undesirable features (high energy costs, not flexible, low yields or generation of large waste streams,...) when applied to complex waste streams. Therefore, VITO investigates alternative flexible process concepts suitable for treatment of complex waste streams that present opportunities to increase productivity and lower environmental impact and operating costs. Based upon our thorough knowledge of the chemical and physical properties of mineral waste materials, optimal recovery and beneficiation processes are designed which encompass concentration/removal of metals by physical treatment of the waste (density, magnetic, surface properties…). Test work will be complemented by a techno-economic feasibility evaluation.


  • Engineer (Mining/Process) or Geologist specialized in mineral processing, PhD level.
  • Experience with the design, operation and optimization of physical separation processes (density, (para-)magnetic, surface properties,...), ideally in combination with knowledge on extraction or recycling technologies.
  • Creative mind, eager to turn new process concepts into practice and to demonstrate their technical and economic feasibility
  • Excellent writing, presentation and communication skills.


  • A position in an eminent client-oriented organization, in the area of innovative technology research and science-backed consulting.
  • The opportunity to contribute to putting Flanders on the international map as active knowledge region and thus contribute to sustainable development.
  • An interesting salary package complete with extralegal benefits


Jobfield: Postdoc

Location: Mol

ID: 19860

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