Cell biology of the Nucleolus - Postdoc

Country: Belgium;

City: Brussels

Vacancy added: 13.11.2018

Employer: Université libre de Bruxelles

Vacancy type: PostDoc vacancy;


The laboratory of RNA Molecular Biology headed by Prof Denis LAFONTAINE at the University of Brussels (Biopark campus, Gosselies) is recruiting a postdoc scientist to develop a cancer diagnostic assay based on the morphological detection of the nucleolus (the cell ribosome factory). The detection assay has been established at the cellular level (see Nicolas et al. Nature Comms, 2016 ; Stamatopoulou et al. Nature Protocols, 2018), and the project aims at developing it at the tissue level, using biopsies from cancer patients. The research will also address other fundamental aspects of the structure-function relationships in the nucleolus.

Skills required:
-Excellent knowledge of fluorescence microscopy (including live-cell imaging)
-Basic knowledge of anatomo-pathology
-Deep interest for the analysis of digital captures with automated softwares
-Excellent knowledge of statistics applied to biological samples

Diplomas: PhD in Science or bioengineer (with up to 3 years of post-doc experience)

Duration of contract: 3 years (2+1)

Selected publications:
1-Stamatopoulou, V., Parisot, P., De Vleeschouwer, C. and Lafontaine, D. L. J. (2018). “Using the iNo score to discriminate normal from altered nucleolar morphology, with applications in basic cell biology and potential in human disease diagnostics.” Nature Protocols DOI: 10.1038/s41596-018-0044-3

2-Nicolas, E., Parisot, P., Pinto-Monteiro, C., de Walque, R., De Vleeschouwer, C. and Lafontaine, D. L. J. (2016). “Involvement of human ribosomal proteins in nucleolar structure and p53-dependent nucleolar stress.” Nature Communications 7: 11390 DOI: 10.1038/ncomms11390

Websites Www.LafontaineLab.com and Www.RibosomalProteins.com

Contact Prof Denis Lafontaine : +32-473-97-39-62 (mobile), denis.lafontaine@ulb.ac.be

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