International Society of Vertebrate Morphology 2019 Conference

Country: Czech Republic

City: Prague

Abstr. due: 01.02.2019

Dates: 21.07.19 — 25.07.19

Area Of Sciences: Biology;

Organizing comittee e-mail:

Organizers: International Society of Vertebrate Morphology



  • Variation under domestication : an organismal and morphological perspective – Marcelo Sánchez-Villagra, Madeleine Geiger
  • Niche Construction, Epigenetics, and the Extended Evolutionary Synthesis: uncovering the links between genes, development, form, function, ecology and evolution, and implications for Vertebrate Morphology – Rui Diogo, Virginia Abdala
  • Recent advances in chondrocranium research – Ingmar Werneburg
  • Natural selection and the evolution of phenotypic integration – Catalina I. Villamil – Patrick Arnold
  • The biomechanical adaptations of limb bones – Alexandra Houssaye, John Hutchinson
  • The evolution of skull form and function: finite-element solutions to infinite problems? – David Button, Laura Porro, Marc Jones, Jen Bright
  • Evodevo of the vertebrate mouth: an exploration of the relationships of oral organs – Abigail S. Tucker, Maria Hovorakova
  •  Developmental Morphology and Evolution of Amniote Eggs & Embryos – Daniel G. Blackburn, Matthias Starck, James R. Stewart
  • Evolution and morphological diversification of vertebrate appendages – Karen Crow, Igor Schneider
  • Educating the vertebrate morphologists of the 21st century: technology, pedagogy, and core concepts – Nicole Danos, Katie L. Staab, Lisa B. Whitenack, John Hutchinson
  • New insights into chiropteran evolution: fossil record, development, and function – Daisuke Koyabu, Laura A.B. Wilson
  • Holding on: the evolution of arboreality in tetrapods – Anne-Claire Fabre, Michael Granatosky, Dionisios Youlatos
  • Prehensile systems in vertebrates: form, function, and bio-inspired design – Dominique Adriaens, Anthony Herrel, Ian Walker
  • The axial skeleton: diversity, patterning and function  – Christine Böhmer, Emily Buchholtz
  • The Dog-human connection: evolution, morphology and behavior – Blaire Van Valkenburgh, Adam Miklosi, Greger Larson, Jeffrey T. Laitman, Timothy D. Smith
  • Skeletons in moving fluids – Pauline Provini, Kristen Crandell
  • Convergence and constraint in vertebrate skull evolution – Anjali Goswami, Michelle Stocker
  • Ecology, biomechanics and evolutionary constraints in vertebrate trait diversification – Brandon Kilbourne, Bárbara M.A. Costa, Daniela M. Rossoni
  • VIRTMORPH – Using Virtual Reality to Visualize and Analyze Vertebrate Morphology – Robert Cieri, Colleen G. Farmer
  • Evolution, Development, and Regulation of Ruminant Headgear – Katherine Brakora, Gertrud Rößner, Andrew Lee

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