Postdoctoral researcher at The Leipzig University

Country: Germany;

Deadline: 15.02.2019



We are looking for a talented and highly motivated candidate for a Postdoc for our newly founded research group. We are dealing with Wound healing and scarring in our project and trying to decipher molecular switches for patterning skin healing in the direction of full regeneration vs. fibrotic tissue repair. For this we use wild type and transgenic mice with large wounds on their backs where wound healing proceeds with a combination of fibrosis and neogenic hair follicle formation ( a hallmark of regeneration) depending on Wnt-Signalling and not fully understood cell to cell signaling.

For this position we expect the following tasks to be performed:

1. Experimental Design, writing of protocols, reports, Papers, preparation of presentations and Posters.
2. Basic methods of cell and molecular biology: PCR, Western Blot, ELISA, cloning, plasmid generation, isolation of DNA and RNA, cDNA synthesis, primer design, plasmid design, in vitro cell culture.
3. Histological investigations and microscopy: preparation of cells and tissue for microscopy investigation, fixation, cutting, embedding, staining, microscopy (bright field, phase contrast, fluorescence, confocal), image analysis, quantification in images, image processing.
4. Data processing, preparation of tables and graphics for data analysis, data analysis, statistical analysis, potentially bioinformatics Analysis.
5. Isolation of cells from different tissues through digestion, preparation of single cell suspensions, staining for MACS and FACS, cell sorting with MACS and FACS.
6. Animal experiments: genotyping, wounding, tissue collection from wounds, skin, mucosa, organs and peripheral blood, injections (subcutaneous, intraperitoneal, potentially intracardial and intravenous).

These are the relevant requirements for the position:

Education: PhD or equivalent. Background is not relevant.

Passion for science, curiosity and fascination for research and innovation as well as appreciation for challenges are the main requirements for the Position.

Flexibility and the ability to work in a team are expected.

Experience and/or disposition for establishing methods and cooperation (national/international) is desired.

Language: the lab and the work environment are international. A good/excellent conversational and written English is required. German is desired but not a requirement for the Position.

IT requirements: Microsoft Office, statistics programs (Graphpad, SPSS), potentially work with bioinformatics software, publicly available databases, pathway analysis, from advantage but not required programming.

Please if interested, contact me and send my your CV, cover letter and, if available, reference letters to my e-mail