Postdoc position: Organic photocells

Country: Germany;

Deadline: 10.02.2019



Project: Organic photocells are expected to play an important role in the development of cost-efficient photovoltaic panels. By combining bottom-up with top-down methods for the development of new types of organic solar cells, we aim to improve our understanding of charge carrier migration and charge separation and ultimately boost energy conversion efficiencies. The possibility to position multiple components with high accuracy will further allow us to incorporate several donor molecules at once, covering a wider spectrum.

Requirements: The candidate is expected to have a strong background in physics or chemistry. Experience in spectroscopy, molecular chemistry and / or lithography techniques will be extremely beneficial.

TV-ÖD E13, Project duration: 4 years

Group: Prof. Tim Liedl, Molecular Self-Assembly and Nanoengineering, Physics Department, LMU Munich

Please apply via the online application tool of the Center for NanoScience. Other forms of application will not be accepted.