Nineteenth-Century French Studies 2019

Country: USA

City: Sarasota, FL

Abstr. due: 15.03.2019

Dates: 31.10.19 — 02.11.19

Area Of Sciences: Arts;

Organizing comittee e-mail:

Organizers: Aimée Boutin and Lauren Weingarden (FSU)


The conference theme, Enchantment and Disenchantment, is inspired by the event's location. Myths of Florida typecast the state as a land of enchantment, entertainment, and Disneyfication. One of Florida's primary Gulf coast cities, Sarasota offers an eclectic blend of high culture and popular entertainment. Now part of the Florida State University, the Ringling Museum and the Ca’ d’Zan were built by the circus magnate, John Ringling, whose business claimed to deliver the 'Greatest Show on Earth.' This location offers an opportunity to look back on the nineteenth-century origins of spectacles of technology and fantasy as well as the (dis)enchantment that they can provide.

The 2019 colloquium will explore how nineteenth-century France was a time of confrontation between the age-old enchantment of faith, magic, and tradition, and the modern lure of rationalization, science, and innovation, leading to what Max Weber called the "disenchantment of the world." The nineteenth century is also a period of developing technologies and economies of popular entertainment. Along these lines, we can explore enchantment as a reward system that delights and inspires, or an enthrallment that constrains and inhibits. Enchantment can be a visceral experience of spectacle or one that plays with the simulacra of illusion.

We invite contributions on topics including but not limited to the following:

    Illusion and disillusion
    Fairy tales and féeries
    Fascination and attraction
    Magic, superstition and occultism
    Phantasmagoria and Technologies of enchantment (magic lanterns, diorama, panorama, cinema, sound recording)
    Enthrallment and constraint
    Suspension of disbelief
    Science of enchantment
    Delight and rapture
    Seduction and temptation
    Magnetism and gravitation
    Glamor and charisma
    Propaganda and truth to power
    Circus thrills
    Revival-style architecture
    Economies of enchantment
    Expositions universelles


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