65th AAEP Annual Convention

Country: USA

City: Denver, CO.

Abstr. due: 15.03.2019

Dates: 07.12.19 — 11.12.19

Area Of Sciences: Biology;

Organizing comittee e-mail: cross@aaep.org

Organizers: the American Association of Equine Practitioners


ALL papers must be submitted online by March 15, 2019, 3:00 p.m. ET.

In order to encourage submission of the newest scientific information for inclusion in the AAEP Annual Convention program and simultaneously not jeopardize future publication of this material in a refereed journal, the following criteria have been developed for these submissions of Scientific Papers that will be published in the AAEP Proceedings.  In such instances, the published abstract can be < 250 words. However, these “abbreviated abstracts” should follow a structured format with the same subheadings (Take Home Message, Introduction, Materials & Methods, Results and Discussion) as the full-length scientific paper. Please be aware that the Take Home Message is included in the total word count. The abbreviated abstract does not need references but appropriate acknowledgments should be included. Note that this abbreviated abstract format does not apply to Review, How To, or In-Depth Papers. A full paper conforming to the General Instructions for Authors must also be submitted to allow the reviewers to assess the experimental design, materials and methods, statistical analyses, results (with graphs, tables, charts, etc.) and a discussion of the results as it pertains to interpretation and conclusions (see specific guidelines below for full papers). The submitting author must include a statement that only the short abstract can be published in the AAEP Convention Proceedings.  It remains the authors’ responsibility to preserve their right to publish in a refereed journal by contacting the respective journal to discuss their prior-publication criteria, so that an accepted abbreviated abstract will not jeopardize publication in the refereed journal. These submitted abbreviated abstracts should be identified with the words “RESEARCH ABSTRACT” at the end of the title.

Conference Web-Site: http://aaep2019.abstractcentral.com/