Postdoc - Department of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics

Country: Belgium;

City: Ghent

Vacancy added: 19.01.2019

Employer: Ghent University

Vacancy type: PostDoc vacancy;

Resumes due: 17.02.2019


The postdoc will be involved in a completely novel project dedicated to understanding the role of ER stress signaling pathways in the apoptotic engulfment process of macrophages. This cell clearance process has several facets, including how a phagocyte senses a corpse in a tissue (find-me signals), how the corpse is recognized (eat-me signals) and internalized via specific phagocytic receptors, how the cargo contents are processed (via metabolomics), and how the apoptotic cell clearance process is anti-inflammatory (compared to other types of cell death).

We offer a 2-year contract, with possibility for extension, in the framework of an EOS project where both Prof. Sophie Janssens and Prof. Kodi Ravichandran are partners. Prof. Janssens’ and Prof. Ravichandran’s laboratory are part of the VIB-UGent Center for Inflammation Research. They address resp. ER stress biology and cell clearance via cutting edge cellular and molecular biology approaches, combined with in vivo mouse immunology, disease models, and complementary ex vivo studies.

Profile of the candidate

  • The candidate should have a PhD degree in the field of biomedical sciences, with a strong publication record and scientific integrity.
  • The candidate should be able to work independently and at the same time be a team-player.
  • The candidate should have excellent communication skills and a strong passion for life sciences.
  • The candidate is expected to have strong hands-on experience in immunology and/or cell biology techniques.
  • Practical experience with mouse work and flow cytometry is required.

How to apply

Motivated candidates are asked to apply online (

Where to send resume: