Post Doc - Development of flexible polymeric materials for in vivo dosimetry of complex beams used in radiotherapy

Country: France;

City: Grenoble

Vacancy added: 11.01.2019

Employer: CEA Tech

Vacancy type: PostDoc vacancy;



New treatment modalities as IMRT or stereotactic radiotherapy use very complex beams in order to improve the dose delivery to the tumor while sparing healthy tissues. In these treatment conditions patient radioprotection becomes a real challenge concerning the measurement of the dose delivered during the treatment. Despite the fact that in-vivo dosimetry became a legal obligation since 2011, there is still no existing device completely appropriate to perform accurate measurement for in-vivo dosimetry using such irradiation fields.The aim of this post-doctoral project is to develop an innovative dosimeter based on tissue-equivalent, flexible material in order to perform in-vivo dosimetry for complex irradiation techniques. The novelty of this project is based on the dosimeter composition, made from flexible composite material including polymers and colorant. The dosimeter response will be evaluated with ionising radiation and measured with absorption spectroscopy and RPE. A critical point will be the homogeneity and stability of the material after irradiation. The dosimeter will be validated by the evaluation of the dosimetric parameters. The incorporation of nanoparticles will be investigated as an option to increase the dosimeter sensitivity.



Laboratoire Capteurs et Architectures Electroniques



TROMSON Dominique



CEA Saclay, bât. 516 , PC 7291191 Gif-sur-Yvette Cedex

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