Postdoctoral Research Fellow - Development of Lymphoid Cells

Country: Sweden;

City: Lund

Vacancy added: 11.02.2019


Vacancy type: PostDoc vacancy;

Resumes due: 06.04.2019


A post-doctoral position is available in the Lymphoid and Regulation group of Professor Ewa Sitnicka Quinn at the Division of Molecular Hematology ( 
The specific interest of our group is to characterize the cellular stages during development of innate immune cells (Renoux et al Immunity, 2015; Tang et al Blood, 2012), to determine the restriction points and relationship between Natural Killer (NK) cell progenitors and other lymphoid progenitors (Nozad Charoudeh et al, Blood 2010) and identify their critical regulatory pathways (Cheng et al, Journal of Immunology, 2009; Chaves et al, Journal of Immunology, 2018). In these studies we apply multilineage flow cytometry (FACS), transplantation models, disease mouse models, gene expression analysis down to the single cell level and other relevant state of the art technologies. The gained knowledge could lead to a better understanding of hematopoietic disorders (immune-deficiencies, myeloproliferative disease and leukemia).
We offer a stimulating and highly interactive environment consisting of more than 20 research groups investigating different aspects of blood cell lineage development, including normal and malignant hematopoiesis, as well as the support from the state of the art technology platforms and core facilities.


We are looking for highly motivated and enthusiastic researchers with strong background in hematopoiesis or/ and immunology who have a PhD degree or are currently finishing up their PhD thesis. Previous experience in molecular biology techniques to study hematopoietic cells, as well as in gene profiling technologies and computational biology is required; expertise in lymphoid cell biology and flow cytometry is advantageous. The candidates are expected to have recent first author publications in these areas in internationally renowned peer-reviewed journals. Ability to work independently, as well as abilities to collaborate and work in highly dynamic international team is essential. Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English are required for consideration.

How to apply

Interested candidates should send: 1) a statement of interest, 2) curriculum vitae, 3) list of publications and 4) the contact information of three references in an email to: 
Professor Ewa Sitnicka Quinn; contact:

Where to send resume: