Postdoctoral Research Fellow - Biomedical Optics

Country: Saudi Arabia;

City: Thuwal

Vacancy added: 14.02.2019


Vacancy type: PostDoc vacancy;

Resumes due: 18.04.2019



The overall goal is to support a multi-disciplinary program of research and development of Multi-Modalities Imaging (MMI) technologies in optical microscopy. The proposed interdisciplinary approach favors synergies between life and engineering sciences at KAUST. Candidates will work with Professor Pierre Magistretti and Visiting Professor Christian Depeursinge.

Multimodality imaging: The coherent imaging approach (DHM: Digital Holographic Microscopy) could be combined with fluorescence imaging, which constitutes the backbone of most investigations in biology. In particular: visualization and quantification by fluorescence of molecules through tagging and contrast agents will be related to the signals obtained with DHM (notably changes in the refractive index) to monitor ionic concentrations and transmembrane movements. Tagging or labelling structures, membrane proteins and cytoskeletal proteins are of particular concern. Nonlinear microscopy will further complete and enhance the assortment of imaging modalities, by providing more specific and intrinsic information: Raman spectroscopy, SRS, CARS, SHG, THG. Finally, Multi-modality imaging requires image processing in order to make the different images coincide and provide complementary data. International cooperations are planned.

This is a full-time research position with a two-year contract.


  • Doctoral degree in related field.
  • Non-native English speakers: proof of English language competency

Application Instructions

The submitted application should include:


-Brief statement of motivation (1/2 page)

-Academic transcripts (unofficial/scanned is acceptable)

-Name and contact details for at least two academic references

-Proof of English language competency for non-native English speakers (uploaded copy of TOEFL or IELTS score preferred).

Where to send resume:
Where to send resume: