The XV International Conference on Anglo-American Literary Studies “Home-Thoughts, from Abroad” (from a poem by Robert Browning)

Country: Montenegro

City: Cetinje

Abstr. due: 01.04.2019

Dates: 27.01.19 — 28.06.19

Area Of Sciences: Humanities; Cultural science;

Organizing comittee e-mail:

Organizers: Department of English Language and Literature Faculty of Philology University of Montenegro


“Home-Thoughts, from Abroad”is the topic for the next international conference on Anglo-American literary studies to be held in Cetinje, Montenegro, on June 27-28, 2019.

          The conference topic is taken from Robert Browning's poem of the same title. In this poem, the lyrical persona imagines what England, his/her home country, looks like in spring. Browning wrote the poem from his self-exile in Italy, when he, as many of his compatriots, early modernists and modernists, believed it to be morally imperative to interrogate the concept and the values of home, answering thus Heidegger’s concurrent fear that modernity is incapable of dwelling mostly due to alienation and technology. However, the momentousness of the topic comes through the global image of massive population shifts, on one, and the deterritorialization of home through digital media, on the other hand. Furthermore, as home is not only a particular physical space, but also a place in memory and a representational space, it has often been searched through cultural formations and rituals, individual names and bodies, and, thus, could be also found and founded in literature. Apart from this, the plurality of the title is meant to be an invitation to prospective attendees to explore various approaches and interpretations of this topic (not only literary, but also cultural, social, historical...), moving from the very broad to the more particular and circumscribed.

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