ICA CET 2019: International Workshop on Geospatial and Cartographic Education – Contemporary Challenges and Opportunities 2019

Country: China

City: Beijing

Abstr. due: 20.04.2019

Dates: 10.07.19 — 13.07.19

Area Of Sciences: Geology and mineralogy; Geography;

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Organizing comittee e-mail: david.fairbairn@newcastle.ac.uk and copy to wangt@cnu.edu.cn.

Organizers: The ICA Commission on Education and Training


The ICA Commission on Education and Training will organize an international workshop on "Geospatial and Cartographic Education – Contemporary Challenges and Opportunities" at Capital Normal University, Beijing, China, Wednesday 10 July to Friday 12 July 2019. This is scheduled to allow for attendees to travel on to the International Cartographic Conference in Tokyo, Japan, the following week.
Submission Guidelines

This workshop will address a range of issues related to education in the discipline of cartography and related fields. The suggested topics of interests include the following:

    Integrating cartographic principles into GIS curricula
    Linking cartographic education with education in other geomatics and geospatial sciences
    Experiences in teaching cartography and GIS to non-specialists
    Technical support requirements for academic education in cartography and GIS
    Use of open source software and datasets in geospatial and cartographic education
    Theoretical foundations for the study of cartography
    Curriculum design for GIS and cartographic education
    Development of a ‘Body of Knowledge’ for cartography
    Developing on-line educational resources for cartography and GIS
    Ensuring relevance of geospatial and cartographic education for industry – what do employers want from graduates in cartography and GIS?
    Accreditation and professional recognition of education in cartography and GIS


Conference Web-Site: http://cet2019.cnu.edu.cn/