XV Conference of the Linguistics Association of SADC Universities

Country: Zambia

City: Lusaka

Abstr. due: 06.04.2019

Dates: 05.08.19 — 07.08.19

Area Of Sciences: Humanities;

Organizing comittee e-mail: lasu2019 AT unza.zm

Organizers: The University of Zambia


In the broader context of digitisation and electronically mediated discourses predicated on globalisation, the question of inclusivity and accessibility re-awakens discussions on digitising indigenous languages especially in diglossic and multilingual landscapes of Africa. Over the past decades, in particular in discussions that have energised LASU conferences, the role of indigenous languages in development, their production and uptake has remained central. In this 15th LASU conference, the call to digitise indigenous languages is part of a scholarly invitation to (re-)interrogate and (re-)propose ways in which indigenous languages can be part of the global semiotic flows and resources amenable to production, accessibility and mobility beyond the linguistic virtual-scape of the Global South. The evident permeable boundaries - linguistic and national - force us to prioritize digitising indigenous languages, as this process relates to electronic language documentation, description and electronic language production and consumption for preservation and day-to-day use

Conference Web-Site: https://linguistlist.org/issues/30/30-209.html