Confronting fanaticism: theoretical and applied perspectives

Country: Austria

City: Vienna

Abstr. due: 03.05.2019

Dates: 20.11.19 — 22.11.19

Area Of Sciences: Philosophy;

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Organizers: Department of Philosophy, University of Vienna


Although understanding fanaticism—its character, its causes, and its cures—was a major theme in the work of Kant, Hegel, Nietzsche, Hobbes, Locke and others, it is a topic that receives very little philosophical attention today. This is a pity, since not only does fanaticism appear to be thriving in contemporary society, it also seems to be changing in ways and at a pace we are yet to fully understand. This suggests that renewed attention to various questions about fanaticism is merited. What exactly is fanaticism?  What are its distinctive features? What are its causes?  Is religious fanaticism—in its disconcerting contemporary return—an exemplary or rather the paradigmatic form of fanaticism?  And how can it be combatted or curtailed? 

Our workshop aims to address these and other questions by focusing on the following four themes:

-          the epistemology of fanaticism;

-          fanaticism and affectivity;

-          fanaticism and collectivity;

-          political aspects of fanaticism.

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