8th International Doctoral Conference in Philosophy of Science - rdpis2019

Country: Switzerland

City: Lausanne

Abstr. due: 15.05.2019

Dates: 05.11.19 — 06.11.19

Area Of Sciences: Philosophy;

Organizing comittee e-mail: rdips2019@sciencesconf.org

Organizers: Université de Lausanne


During the Doctoral Conference, PhD students and young researchers who have defended their thesis no longer than two years ago, will be presenting their work in Philosophy of Science broadly understood (general philosophy of science, philosophy of logic, philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of physics, philosophy of biology, philosophy of medicine, philosophy of social sciences, theory of scientific knowledge etc.).

The talks will be held preferably in French, though communications in English are of course also accepted. Each presentation will last 30 minutes, with the first 5 minutes devoted to a general presentation of the subject of the thesis, and will be followed by some time for discussion. For the sake of a fruitful discussion of your PhD project, we strongly suggest the following:

    the speakers from the 2nd year of their PhD onwards, are invited to stress connections to general problems in Philosophy of Science (in both the submitted papers and prepared presentation).
    the speakers in their 1st year thesis are invited to stress methodological issues that are specific to their thesis work in Philosophy of Science (in both the submitted papers and prepared presentation).

PhD students and young researchers are invited to submit two documents: a long abstract (6000 characters max.) prepared for blind review and another file (to be submitted in the section “supplementary data” on the website) containing a short presentation of the thesis and its relation with the submission (2000 characters max.), as well as the following information: name, surname, subject of the thesis, name of PhD advisor, institution, year of the first inscription in postgraduate studies or, for young researchers, date of thesis defence. Either .pdf, .doc or .docx formats are accepted.


Conference Web-Site: https://rdips2019.sciencesconf.org/