Postdoc on the Subject of the Theory, Design, and Implementation of a Declarative Programming Language for Smart Contracts

Country: Netherlands;

City: Amsterdam

Vacancy added: 16.03.2019


Vacancy type: PostDoc vacancy;

Resumes due: 15.04.2019


Job description
CWI and the Systems and Networking Engineering Lab (SNE) at the Informatics Institute of the University of Amsterdam are looking for a Post-Doctoral Research Associate with interests in the areas of Language design, (cross)compilation and automated code generation. The duration of the employment is 2 years, with an ideal start date on 1 May, 2019.

The project
You will work at CWI and at UvA on the theory, design, and implementation of a new programming language for digital enforceable contracts, targeting smart contracts on block chain. A general critic that can be directed to smart contracts is that they are neither smart, neither contracts: they are merely instructions to be executed in a distributed infrastructure. This project stems from the intuition that, if a digital contract aims to specify a desired model of interaction between the parties, so that parties can have a clear understanding of the consequences of its execution, such programming artifact should share primitives found in legally binding contracts.

The objectives of this project are:

  • to design a (declarative) programming language building upon normative positions, starting from existing logical frameworks as deontic logic and Hohfeld's jural relationhips;
  • to develop a method for generating an implementation model, by an adequate distribution of monitoring and execution tasks, configurable by the user;
  • to compile the implementation model into an existing implementation language (e.g. solidity);
  • to elaborate on possible validation or verification methods.

Candidates are required to have a completed PhD in the area of Computer Science or a related discipline.

Needed qualifications for candidates include proven research talent and good academic writing and presentation skills. Candidates are expected to have an excellent command of English.

You should be familiar with:

  • language design and implementation;
  • software verification (model checking, formal verification, symbolic execution, etc.);
  • (cross)-compilation and automated code generation
  • blockchain technology

Terms and conditions 
The terms of employment are in accordance with the Dutch Collective Labour Agreement for Research Centres ("CAO-onderzoeksinstellingen"). The gross monthly salary for an employee on a full time basis, depending on relevant work experience, ranges from € 3,560 to € 4,339. The appointment will be for a period of two years.

Employees are also entitled to a holiday allowance of 8% of the gross annual salary and a year-end bonus of 8.33%. CWI offers attractive working conditions, including flexible scheduling.

Please visit our website for more information about our terms of employment:

Applications can be sent before 15 April 2019 to All applications should include a detailed resume and motivation letter.

For residents outside the EER-area, a Toefl English language test might be required.

For more information about the vacancy, please contact Tijs van den Storm ( and Giovanni Sileno (
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