III International Budo-Conference “Education of personality and self-development: martial arts traditions and contemporary science”

Country: Russian Federation

City: Odintsovo

Abstr. due: 22.07.2019

Dates: 10.10.19 — 10.10.19

Organizing comittee e-mail: tkarate.russia@gmail.com

Organizers: All-Russian Traditional Karate Federation http://wtkf-russia.ru, Traditional Karate-Do Institute of Russia http://www.all-rtkf.ru, Irkutsk State University https://isu.ru

Phone / Fax: +79060533100


From 7 to 13 October 2019 Russia will host XXXIV European WTKF Championship and VI European WTKF Children's Cup in traditional karate-do. As part of these events, October 10 will be held III International Budo-Conference entitled “Education of personality and self-development: martial arts traditions and contemporary science”.

The previous conference, held under the patronage of the University of Gdansk, was entitled "Educational values of traditional karate-do". The conference was attended by historians, orientalists, specialists in pedagogical science and psychology, health and sports science and experts in the field of traditional karate-do. 

The activities of the Russian Traditional Karate-do Institute led us to the conclusion that the topic of the new conference and the range of specialists involved should be significantly expanded. For really deep understanding of traditional karate-do it is necessary to turn to the help of specialists in Chinese and Japanese philosophy and culture. Besides that, in recent decades we have seen global changes in the system of humanities knowledge caused by the emergence of new human brain research methods. t becomes impossible to work in the field of education and human development without involvement of neuroscience data.

As the official patron of the conference the Irkutsk State University has been chosen. Negotiations are under way with the Moscow State University of Foreign Affairs (MGIMO) which will host the championship itself. Currently, the Radisson Park Inn hotel (Odintsovo, 8 Marshal Nedelina str.) was chosen as the venue of the conference.

To let us know about your consent to participate please send the title of the report until April 22, 2019, to the e-mail: tkarate.russia@gmail.com

Abstracts (no more than 300 words) till July, 22.

Conference Web-Site: http://wtkf2019.ru