18th Asian Chemical Congress (18th ACC) and the 20th General Assembly of the Federation of Asian Chemical Societies

Country: Taiwan

City: Taipei

Abstr. due: 31.07.2019

Dates: 08.12.19 — 12.12.19

Area Of Sciences: Chemistry;

Organizing comittee e-mail: juntsai@elitepco.com.tw

Organizers: Federation of Asian Chemical Societies


The main theme of the 18th ACC is "Performing Excellent Chemistry to Make Wonderful Life." We cordially invite you to submit papers from the following unifying subjects and ideas:

  1. Novel Chemistry of Carbon Capture & Utilization
  2. de Novo Processes for Polymer Recycling
  3. Global Warming and Extreme Weather
  4. Sustainable Chemical Science & Technology
  5. Green Technology and Processes
  6. Clean Chemical Technology
  7. Advanced Nano-science & -technology
  8. New Supramolecules and Applications
  9. Functional Polymers and Materials
  10. Contemporary Medicinal Chemistry
  11. Chemistry and Biology of Nucleic Acids
  12. Novel Organic Synthesis & Natural Products
  13. State-of-the-art Spectroscopic Methods
  14. Modern Computational Methods in Silico
  15. Chemical Engineering & Specialized Chemicals
  16. Quantitative Description of Biological Systems
  17. Chemical Biology in Biomedicine
  18. Chemistry and Biology of Peptides
  19. Inorganic Complexes for Biomedical Application
  20. Organometallic Compounds in Catalysis
  21. Functional -Conjugated Systems
  22. Materials for Optoelectronics & Biosensors
  23. Functional Nanomaterials as Analytical Tools
  24. Supramolecular Coordination Chemistry
  25. Efficient Energy Conversion & Storage
  26. Advanced Chemical Dynamics & Spectroscopy
  27. Chemical Education
  28. Chemical Safety
  29. Carbohydrate-based therapeutics
  30. Non-covalent Interactions in Coordination Systems
  31. Flow Chemistry
  32. Others

Conference Web-Site: http://www.acc2019.tw/Page/Index/32