2nd Weather Radar Calibration & Monitoring workshop (WXRCalMon)

Country: Germany

City: Offenbach

Abstr. due: 28.07.2019

Dates: 30.10.19 — 01.11.19

Area Of Sciences: Geography;

Organizing comittee e-mail: FE2.Seminar@dwd.de

Organizers: The Deutscher Wetterdienst


We aim at best practices to operate dualpol weather radars to guarantee high data quality and availability, and to harmonize data quality in heterogeneous radar networks such as the OPERA radar network, but also worldwide. During the first workshop, we got an overview on various monitoring and calibration approaches (Frech et al. 2019). This workshop is intended to cover all areas of radar calibration and monitoring in similar depth and to distribute knowledge.

Essential to this goal are for example the proper definition of meta data. Meta data are an essential element of a radar sweep or volume. Without proper meta data, only qualitative, but not quantitative data usage as well as quality monitoring methods are feasible. A good example is the solar monitoring, where the monitoring of the receiver depends on proper meta data.

To achieve a high data quality and make data comparable, calibration methods have to be matched in terms of agreed best practices. This includes the open documentation of methods and parameters.

We invite manufactures and service providers for the first full day of the workshop. We would specifically like to hear and discuss about their detailed calibration and monitoring procedures for dualpol weather radars.

To allow an open discussion between operators also about some details from radar types/manufactures, the rest of the workshop (day 2 and 3) are reserved for them (radar operators days).

We call for contribution on the following topics:

  • Absolute calibration / monitoring and adjustment of calibration
  • DualPol calibration / Monitoring and adjustment
  • Phase monitoring / adjustment
  • Pointing / navigation adjustment & Monitoring
  • Experiences from longterm monitoring of dualpol radar systems
  • Emerging new monitoring methods that are under test
  • Special issues:

    • Emerging HW issues: issues with magnetron transmitter? Any other components?
    • Temperature sensitivity of dualpol systems
    • Other issues affecting the data quality of dualpol weather radars
    • ROEL vs. Dual waveguide design
    • New TX-Generation: operational experiences with solid state power amplifier (SSPA) transmitters

Specific call for radar manufactures and service providers:

We call for contributions (oral, poster, handouts) on calibration procedures / parameters and recommendations for a dualpol radar (including monitoring tools): Reflectivity, phase, pointing. The contribution should support the overall transparency for radar moment generation, so that all relevant parameters can be provided in the meta data of radar data. They may include technical developments in the area of monitoring and calibration of dualpol radars, that are ready to be used in operational networks Extended abstracts are highly welcome.

Conference Web-Site: https://www.dwd.de/EN/specialusers/research_education/seminar/2019/wxrcalmon2019/wxrcalmon_en_node.html;jsessionid=81B97AE5BDBD261BE5A564B8086B0990.live21072