Postdoctoral scholarship: Mammalian developmental biology

Country: Sweden;

City: Göteborg

Vacancy added: 22.05.2019

Employer: University of Gothenburg

Resumes due: 14.06.2018


We hereby announce that one post-doctoral stipend is available at the Department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Gothenburg.

Purpose of the scholarship:
To allow the candidate to develop skills in generating and analyzing mutant mice at a level which will allow independent pursuit of outstanding scientific questions.

The postdoctoral fellow will use the Cre-loxP system and in vitro methods to study the function of forkhead transcription factors in adult and developing mice. Analysis may include FACS, RNAseq, ChIPseq, histological methods and various in vitro assays based on cell culture.

Responsible supervisor: Professor Peter Carlsson

Reference number: Dnr GU 2019/1366

Scholarship period: The scholarship covers a period of 12 months with possibility of prolongation up to a maximum of 24 months in total.

Preliminary start date: 2019-07-01 (can be negotiated)

For questions and additional information, please contact Prof Peter Carlsson:, 031-7863804, 0708-236776.

Qualifications and application procedure
* To be eligible for a postdoctoral scholarship the recipient must hold a PhD degree in a relevant field, obtained after April 2016, and not have been employed at University of Gothenburg within the past two years.
* Practical experience of general molecular and cell biology techniques is required, and familiarity with genetic mouse models an advantage.

Written application in pdf format, including reference number, should be sent to (write “POSTDOC” in the subject field) and include the following:
* CV
* Personal letter
* List of publications
* Contact information to at least two references

Application deadline

Information regarding scholarships
* Scholarships provide means for advanced education for the holder and do not constitute compensation for work performed
* Scholarships are tax-exempt
* Scholarship holders are not entitled to sick-leave benefits, parental leave benefits, or retirement pension
* The scholarship holder will be insured by CMB through Kammarkollegiet
* Tax regulations may prevent a scholarship holder from being hired by the Department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology immediately following the scholarship period

Where to send resume: