Calling for Expression of Interest – Postdoctoral fellowship

Country: Belgium;

City: Brussels

Vacancy added: 17.05.2019

Employer: Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB)

Resumes due: 15.06.2019


Various aspects of biomass valorization addressed at BTL. In particular, the laboratory focus on study the fundamentals and direct applications of bioprocesses for the transformation of bio-resources into added value products including biofuels, biomaterials for tissue engineering, biomedical products and prebiotics by adhering to the concepts of circular economy, bio based society and industry.

The objective of this Expressions of Interest (EoI) call is to identify potential international candidates across a number of pre-determined research themes with the required profile to work with us through to submission of a full application to the Marie-Sklodowska Curie European Fellowship, Chargé de recherches - CR  or IF@ULB schemes.

Interested individuals are required to submit an EOI application form using the links below in the first instance by 31 June 2019.

Project description:

Research Topics: see research themes below Duration: 1-3 years

Useful Links

The following links will provide additional information

Chargé de recherches - CR  


H2020 guide for applicants

Scheme Details

The MSCE, IF@ULB and CR Fellowships offer individuals the opportunity to enhance their career development and prospects by spending a period of time working abroad. The schemes supports the best, most promising individual researchers from anywhere in the world, and any nationality.

Supported Research Themes

We are running this EoI call across a set number of research themes which have been identified by us as those we would like to attract fellows to work with us around.

  1. BioMatter unit: Broad area of biomaterials, tissue engineering, biofabrication, multi-bioink printing, cell-laden bioink, extracellular matrix (ECM)-based materials, and nano/micro-technologies in regenerative medicine, biocomposites, biopolymer, polysaccharide and protein-based biomaterials, lignocellulosic-base polymers and biomaterials for various biomedical applications. Materials that mimic complex tissue structure and can be used for tissue engineering, drug deliver, testing or organ on chip applications.
  2. PhotoBiocatalysis unit: Study of photo-excited enzymatic degradation of lignocellulose, chitin and synthetic polymers. Protein engineering, enzymatic synthesis, direct conversion of Sunlight to Chemical energy in form of biofuels, biochemicals mono-oligo derived structure. The unit is characterized by a cross-border scientific approach called Artificial or Reverse Photosynthesis spanning from fungal photobiology, biochemistry and photocatalysis, biopolymer's structure and physics.

Only experienced researchers can apply and this means that you must:

  • Hold a PhD or have at least 4 years full-time equivalent research experience.
  • You should have research topic(s) and able to write an excellent proposal under our supervision before the deadlines

And be able to satisfy most of the following requirements:

  • A good publication track record.
  • Have presented at well-established seminars, conferences endorsers
  • Been involved in the organisation of workshops/conferences.
  • Hold academic/professional memberships.
  • Won prizes or other awards for research and/or other related achievements.
  • Have demonstrable leadership, teaching and/or supervisory experience.
  • Been involved in public engagement knowledge transfer activities.
  • Hold mobility/international experience.

Application Process & Deadlines

Expressions of Interest must be submitted using the APPLICATION FORM, together with a full CV (no more than 3 pages), by email to no later than Friday 15 June 2019.

All required documents should be combined in the form of one single pdf file and no larger than 250KB.

Subject of email: EOI - FIRST, LAST NAME


Our commitment will be a total dedication towards the selected candidates to mount a full proposal. Thus 1 or 2 candidates will be supported for each deadline. You will be notified by 30th of June 2019 if your EOI has been identified as one of those to be taken forward to full application and introductions will be made accordingly between yourself and your designated supervisor so that you can work together towards the submission deadlines.


If you have any queries relating to this call please direct these to Amin Shavandi ( for BioMatter unit or to David Cannella ( for queries related to PhotoBioCatalysis unit.

Where to send resume: