Post-doctoral research associate - Orphan SLC Human Membrane Transporters: Identification, Expression Analysis (Tissue-specificity) and In Silico / In Vitro Prediction of Putative Substrates

Country: France;

City: Rennes

Vacancy added: 20.05.2019

Employer: Irset

Resumes due: 20.06.2019



Research Unit: Research Institute for Environmental and Occupational Health, INSERM U1085, University of Rennes 1

Location: Rennes (France)

Subject: Orphan SLC Human Membrane Transporters: Identification, Expression Analysis (Tissue-specificity) and In Silico / In Vitro Prediction of Putative Substrates

SLC transporters are about 400 membrane proteins, whose a large number of them mediates the passage of endogenous compounds or xenobiotics, through especially the plasma membrane. Many human transporter SLCs are known as "orphans", the supported substrates not being known. The characterization of these orphan transporters nevertheless seems important to do, particularly with respect to their tissue expression and specificity and functional activity. Indeed, SLC transporters may constitute notable pharmacological targets or be of interest for the pharmacokinetics of xenobiotics (especially in terms of distribution and activity) and for the evaluation of the risk of drug-drug interactions. In this context, the group working on drug transporters at IRSET, an INSERM/University of Rennes 1/EHESP laboratory, in collaboration with the pharmaceutical company Technology Servier (Orleans, France), invites applications for a:

Post-doctoral research associate

The goal of the research will be to identify and characterize candidate orphan SLC human transporters, notably for specific kinetic targeting of tissues and / or cells.

The steps of the project will be: (1) Identification of human orphan SLC transporters by data mining of scientific literature, (2) Bioinfomatic analysis of tissue / cell expression of orphaned SLC using database for transcriptional expression (including GTEx: and proteomics (this study of tissue expression will also be performed in parallel for non-orphan SLC transporters), (3) in silico prediction of potential substrates by comparison in particular with the spectrum of substrates of non-orphaned related transporters and (4) in vitro substrate validation for orphan carriers selected due to their tissue-specificity and prevalence in metabolic regulation and networks (this study will require overexpression of the carriers of interest in HEK-type cells or inactivation of their expression in constitutively expressing cells).

Candidates should have a PhD in biology or pharmacology or toxicology, with skills in cellular/ molecular biology (cell culture, functional tests of transporter activity, basic techniques of molecular biology type qPCR ) and also with basic skills or notions in bioinformatics (use of data base, implementation of data mining). Theoretical notions of pharmacology / pharmacokinetics will be appreciated. Dynamism. Autonomy. Excellent organization and communication skills.


Employer: University of Rennes 1

Type: Fixed-term contract (CDD)

Duration: 18 to 24 months, eventually renewable for additionally 12 months

Salary: According to experience

Requested Start Date: immediately and September, 2019 at the latest


Please email your detailed CV, including a list of your published papers, a letter of intent explaining your motivations for the chosen position, and contact details of three referees to Pr. Olivier Fardel ( indicating “Postdoc Hiring” as subject, with Dr Yannick Parmentier ( in copy of the e-mail, before June 20, 2019.

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