Solar Fuels 2019 Conference - InterContinental Wuhan&Nature Journals

Country: China

City: Wuhan

Abstr. due: 10.08.2019

Dates: 12.10.19 — 14.10.19

Organizing comittee e-mail:

Organizers: Wuhan University of Technology, Nature Energy, Nature Catalysis, Nature Materials, Communications Chemistry, Nature Communications, and Nature Nanotechnology


As the world seeks to limit its dependence on fossil fuel resources, there is a crucial need for renewable energy sources and flexible energy storage. One solution is to produce fuels from abundant resources such as water and CO2 using either renewable electricity or by directly harnessing solar energy. This three-day, single-session conference will explore research progress towards solar fuels production through a series of talks by leading international scientists. We aim to foster an atmosphere of open discussion with ample scope for cross-fertilization of ideas between researchers working on photocatalytic, electrocatalytic, photoelectrocatalytic, and biohybrid routes to renewable fuel production. A strong focus for the conference will be the relationship between fundamental science and application, emphasizing the future of the solar fuels field, the challenges that it faces and the development of viable technologies.

Scientific Sessions

Topics will include:

  • Session 1: New systems for water splitting
  • Session 2: New systems for CO2 reduction
  • Session 3: Theory and mechanism
  • Session 4: Characterisation and spectroscopy
  • Session 5: Towards larger-scale systems

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