International Conference on Experimental Education 2019

Country: Taiwan

City: Shenkeng

Abstr. due: 30.08.2019

Dates: 07.12.19 — 08.12.19

Area Of Sciences: Pedagogy;

Organizing comittee e-mail:

Organizers: National ChengChi University


In the end of year 2014, Legislative Yuan in Taiwan passed three Acts for Experimental Education, turning over a new leaf in the history of Taiwan's compulsory education. Experimental Education in Taiwan is a rich, complex concept which refers to non-traditional education or non-mainstream education, also absorbing the spirit of alternative education and homeschooling in other countries. Its original purpose is to encourage educational innovation, protect children's right to learn and receive education, provide parents with multiple educational methods and content to choose, and enhance the diverse development in education.
As a role of promotion, Taiwan Experimental Education Center (abbr. TEEC) established by Ministry of Education in Taiwan has held the international conferences for past two years, in which introduce lots of innovative ideas abroad and share various experiences around the world. This year, we want to invite friends concerned for education to gather together again, deeply discussing about the outcome of experimental education: how to examine the effectiveness of alternative education different from regular system? How to ensure the high quality of an alternative education? How may today's experimental education become future generation's public education?

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