Edith Wharton's New York - Conference Sponsored by the Edith Wharton Society

Country: USA

City: New York

Abstr. due: 01.08.2019

Dates: 17.06.20 — 20.06.20

Area Of Sciences: Humanities; Arts;

Organizing comittee e-mail: whartonnewyork@gmail.com

Organizers: Edith Wharton Society


Please join the Edith Wharton Society for its upcoming conference marking the centennial anniversary of the publication of Edith Wharton’s Pulitzer-Prize winning novel, The Age of Innocence. We will celebrate this momentous year in New York, the setting not only of so many of Wharton’s works but also of much of her life. 

While all topics are welcome, we are particularly interested in whole panels and individual papers that focus on New York as a geographical and thematic element in Wharton’s life and works. Papers could explore the role of New York City and/or the Hudson River Valley in Wharton’s works, Wharton’s own history with the region, or Wharton’s relationship to place and space more generally. Papers that offer new readings of The Age of Innocence—such as new historical approaches or legacies of The Age of Innocence, the novel’s relationship to other works by Wharton and/or her peers, and adaptations of the novel (for film, theater, etc.)—are also welcome. 

Since 1920 marks the beginning of what many consider the “later years” of Wharton’s career, examinations of Edith Wharton’s works in the shifting literary and political foundations of post-WWI society are also of interest. The 20s mark the centennial of other significant Wharton texts, and essays that examine these later works are of particular interest. 

In addition, there will be a keynote speaker and opportunities for tours of local attractions. Further details forthcoming. 

Conference Web-Site: https://call-for-papers.sas.upenn.edu/cfp/2019/04/24/edith-whartons-new-york