International Training on Holocaust Education Entangled History as a perspective for non-formal education

Country: Poland;

Deadline: 16.09.2019



When? 07th – 14th November 2019

Where? In Poland in the International Youth Meeting Centre Krzyżowa (Krzyżowa 7, 58-112 Grodżiszcze) and International Youth Meeting Centre in Oświęcim (Legionów 11, 32- 600 Oświęcim)

Who?  Are you already active in youth work, Holocaust Education, citizenship education or history projects and would like to learn new methods and approaches?

Are you interested in the topic and youth work, but have never done it before? Either way we invite you to apply!  We value diversity of backgrounds, experiences and work fields. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our national coordinators to find out more about the project. owever, there are a few conditions: You need to be an adult (18 years upwards) living in Germany, Poland or Ukraine. Citizenship is not a precondition. Since the training is going to be held in English, a good level of English is required.

 How to apply? Please fill out the application form and send it back (please see below for more information).


What? Entangled History is an international training where you can meet people from Germany, Poland and Ukraine interested in Holocaust Education and new approaches and methods of non-formal education,  encourages its participants to develop and work on their own educational methods and offers to publish them in a methodological handbook, offers its participants an insight into the work of well-established institutions of non-formal educational youth work.

You will learn how:  To use practical methods of non-formal education to approach such a serious topic as the Holocaust  To bring together different perspectives on the same historical event  To develop personal connections to such a topic with young people through family history  To reflect critically upon historical education  To develop critical thinking and grow awareness of the existence of more than one historical truth Summary of the project "Entangled History as a perspective for non-formal education" is a training for 18 multipliers of youth work from Germany, Poland and Ukraine. During the training participants will meet in order to learn and modify methods for the historical and civic non-formal education viewed in the context of a growing diversity in our societies. Due to globalization and migration our societies in Europe become more and more diverse. The field of non-formal education must take this challenge and needs to integrate this diversity into its project formats. Old narratives needs to be uncovered and views from multiple perspectives on historical events have to be included. The Holocaust as a focal point will be examined from multiple perspectives and conclusions on marginalized groups and discrimination in our current societies will be drawn from that. Further goals of the project are the consolidation of tolerance, giving an impulse on critical thinking as well as raising awareness towards diversity and against discrimination. During the training participants get the chance to develop and modify methods that can be applied in the following international youth meeting (23.-28.02.2020) as well as in the everyday work of the youth workers.

If you want to see pictures from previous editions of the project and learn more, see Working Methods  Workshops and discussion forums on entangled history, Holocaust Education as well as cultures of remembering in Germany, Poland and Ukraine  Guided tours in the memorial sight of Krzyżowa and the AuschwitzBirkenau Memorial and Museum  Presentations by participants about their own field of work and methods Encounters 1) International Youth Meeting Centre Krzyżowa (07.-11.11.2019) Krzyżowa 7 PL- 58-112 Grodziszcze Tel: 00 48 74 85 00 300 2) International Youth Meeting Center in Oświęcim (11.-14.11.2019) Legionów 11 PL-32-600 Oświęcim Tel: 00 48 33 843 21 07 Organizers will provide a shuttle bus from Krzyzowa to Oswiecim. Participation costs - Participation fee (covers accommodation, full board and all programme activities) Participants from Germany: 90 EUR / Poland: 50 EUR / Ukraine: 30 EUR - Travel costs: For participants from Germany and Poland can be reimbursed up to 180 EUR per person/ for participants from Ukraine up to 275 EUR per person of economy class travel costs.