Postdoctoral fellow - Department of Virology, parasitology and immunology

Country: Belgium;

City: Ghent

Vacancy added: 06.08.2019

Employer: Ghent University

Resumes due: 31.08.2019


Last application date Aug 31, 2019 23:59
Department DI04 - Department of Virology, parasitology and immunology
Employment category Postdoctoral staff member group 3
Contract Unlimited duration
Degree PhD or at least 5 years of equivalent experience in applied scientific research or strategic basic research - a scientific background in life sciences/biotechnology/biomedical sciences/biology (by preference animal/human) and more technical subjects (eg
Occupancy rate 100%
Vacancy Type Research staff

Job description

With the support of the IOF (Industrieel OnderzoeksFonds) we will start a Platform for translational/one-health research and innovation at Ghent University.

At this interdisciplinary One Health platform

  • health applications of technologies and expertise arising from different fields (animal health, human health, agro-bio, medtech) or UGent business development clusters (BD-clusters), or combinations of these technologies, will be explored, developed and valorized
  • translational research in the field of pharma, biotech and medtech at UGent will be enhanced and facilitated
  • opportunities to generate proof of concept and mature promising technologies for health applications will be increased by use of non-rodent animal models with improved predictive value (faster track to valorization)
  • new technologies will be introduced in animal and/or human health

The platform will be composed of

  • the IOF-fellow One-Health who will coordinate the proof of concept work and maturation of technologies that will originate from different UGent research groups, towards the envisaged health applications
  • scientists and experts who will perform the research projects and proof of concept studies
  • Business Developers heading the BD-clusters who will be responsible for the commercial exploitation (“valorization”) of these applications in the animal and/or human health space

Job description

The IOF-fellow One Health will be a central person in the platform who will support the researchers and business development managers in the delivery of proof of concept for the new technologies/applications. In this role you will:

  • Start from the leads that are offered/identified for cross-pollinating valorization by/in the different BD-clusters
  • Define together with the business developers and scientists of the collaborating consortia which applications will be addressed and which proof of concept data should therefore be generated in the targeted species 
  • Coordinate new applications for PoC/validation-projects and bridge between the collaborating clusters during the performance of the project 
  • Align pre-clinical study protocols with best practices in clinical pilots at the university hospital to facilitate future translational drug or device development. If needed focus on attracting investments for additional infrastructure via Hercules etc. 
  • Manage the interconsortium portfolio and follow technical aspects and studies in individual projects until the technology has been transferred to a licensee 
  • Be pro-active to the participating consortia about new opportunities for interconsortium collaboration 
  • Stimulate new opportunities by structured regular multi-disciplinary consultations between PI’s from different fields (identify new leads) 
  • Support activities to promote the One Health-platform and its development to the scientific community and to industry

At the start of each new project you will consult with the business developers of the collaborating consortia on the final valorization of the technologies/leads in different markets (animal care, human health, agro-bio, digital, medtech, …). At longer term this position will enable you to develop specific expertise on translational R&D and to build a network to support transfer of related new technologies to industry/society.

Profile of the candidate

  • PhD or at least 5 years of equivalent experience in applied scientific research or strategic basic research
  • a scientific background in life sciences/biotechnology/biomedical sciences/biology (by preference animal/human) and more technical subjects (eg veterinarians and bio-engineers)
  • experience with the design and performance of experiments 
  • expertise in proficient project writing 
  • broad technical and interpersonal skills to coordinate collaborations between teams with different technical/scientific background 
  • good communication and writing skills (at least Dutch and English) 
  • being able to work accurate, independently as well as in team is essential 
  • dynamic and sense of initiative 
  • basic knowledge of aspects of business development/valorisation like IP/patents and basic contracts (CDA, MTA) is an important asset 
  • special interest in applied research and in the maturation of technologies towards industrial applications/products

How to apply

Applications for this position should be written in English and include: 

  • A 1-page cover letter
  • A 1-2 page CV, summarizing the applicant’s career, including a list of publications and contact information for three referees Applications (cover letter + CV) should be submitted as a single pdf file.

Apply before 31 August 2019 (23:59) to:

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