11th World Biomaterials Congress

Country: United Kingdom

City: Glasgow

Abstr. due: 13.09.2019

Dates: 19.03.20 — 24.05.20

Area Of Sciences: Chemistry; Biology; Technical sciences;

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Organizing comittee e-mail: WBC2020@mci-group.com

Organizers: WBC


ake a scientific contribution to the advancement of Biomaterials at WBC 2020

As you are an expert in the field of biomaterials and/or tissue engineering, we would like to provide you the opportunity to make a scientific contribution for consideration by the WBC 2020 Scientific Programme Committee.

Abstracts can be submitted for consideration for an oral or poster presentation. Please see the submission guidelines to ensure a successful application.


Every abstract has to be assigned to one of the topics of the conference which are the terms written in bold letters in the list below. To ensure allocation to suitable reviewers in addition three keywords have to be selected from the list which characterise the content of the abstract best.
Tissue and organ models:

    In vitro tissue models
    Cancer models
    Organ-on-a-chip and microfluidics
    Scaffold-free models and organoids

Clinical applications of biomaterials:

    Clinical trials
    Clinical application
    Biomaterial-related clinical problems (wear, metal ions etc.)
    Demands of clinicians concerning biomaterials

Biomaterials for tissue engineering applications:

    Hydrogels for TE applications
    3D scaffolds for TE applications
    Physical stimulation of TE constructs
    Bioreactors and monitoring of TE constructs
    Vascularisation of TE constructs

Biomaterial synthesis and characterisation:

    Metallic biomaterials/implants
    Biodegradable metals
    Ceramic biomaterials
    Calcium phosphates
    Bioglasses silicates
    Polymeric biomaterials
    Biopolymeric biomaterials
    Composites and nanocomposites
    Fibre-based biomaterials incl. electrospinning
    Artificial extracellular matrix
    Stimuli-responsive biomaterials

Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing:

    Biomaterials for extrusion printing
    Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)
    Powder printing
    Laser-based AM technologies
    3D bioprinting/biofabrication
    Novel AM technologies and tools
    Melt Electro Writing (MEW)
    Biomaterials (incl. coatings) for local drug and growth factor delivery
    Biomaterials for drug delivery
    Biomaterials for antibiotics delivery
    Biomaterials for growth factor delivery
    Biomaterials for gene therapy

Biomaterials for specific medical applications:

    Adipose tissue
    Bladder and urogenital tissues
    Cartilage and osteochondral
    Cardiovascular incl. heart valve
    Craniofacial and maxillofacial
    Kidney, liver and pancreas
    Lung, bronchia and trachea
    Materials for electric stimulation
    Peripheral nerves and spinal cord
    Skin and mucosa
    Spinal disc
    Tendon and ligament
    Vascular grafts incl. stents
    Wound healing and tissue adhesives

Biocompatibility and in vitro tests:

    Surface characterisation
    Mechanical characterisation
    Modelling of material properties

Cell-material interactions:

    Stem cells and cell differentiation
    Immunomodulatory biomaterials
    Cell adhesion and migration
    3D cell cultivation
    Cell/particle interactions
    Biomaterial-related biofilms

In vivo tests and animal models:

    Small animal models
    Large animal models
    Material/tissue interfaces
    Novel technologies and tools for histology
    In vivo imaging

Surface modifications:

    Micro- and nanopatterning

Commercialisation of biomaterials:

    Translational research

Legal and regulatory aspects:

Conference Web-Site: https://wbc2020.org/abstracts/call-for-abstracts