ECCN2019: The First IEEE Workshop on Smart Edge-Cloud Computing Networks 2019

Country: USA

City: Monterey

Abstr. due: 16.09.2019

Dates: 04.11.19 — 07.11.19

Area Of Sciences: Technical sciences;

Organizing comittee e-mail:

Organizers: IEEE


With the emerging of thriving range of new and diverse services, such as mobile multimedia, internet of things (IoT), and virtual reality (VR), the expectations towards service-tailored Quality of Experience (QoE) are also increasing, which poses new challenges on the service providers as well as on network operators. Edge-cloud computing networking (ECCN), which brings forward the technical benefits of cloud computing and edge computing with networking, will pave the way for enhanced QoE. It aims to utilize resource-rich cloud centers to offer high-computational capacity with moderate response time, exploit resources of edge of networks to offer intermediate computation and storage, reducing latency for users and bandwidth demands, and adopt advanced networking technologies, especially, network virtualization, to enable efficient network operations and service provisioning. Since both edge and cloud use networking, computing, and storage resources, and share many of the same mechanisms and attributes, the design and implementation of edge-cloud networks is non-trivial. There need to be appropriate coordination and tradeoff between edge and cloud computing. A smart approach of edge-cloud coordination can exploit the advantages of both edge and cloud computing. However, the edge-cloud coordination faces problems such as specification of control plane, resource allocation, traffic load balancing, orchestration of computing functions, smart edge sensing and processing, etc. This workshop aims to bring together researchers in the field of edge-cloud computing networking to exchange ideas and advance the research frontier.

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