1st International Conference on Practical and Theoretical Implications of LEADER/CLLD Approach in South-East Europe

Country: Croatia

City: Opatija

Abstr. due: 15.09.2019

Dates: 20.11.19 — 22.11.19

Area Of Sciences: Political science;

Organizing comittee e-mail: info@see-leader.eu

Organizers: LEADER Network Croatia


SEE LEADER networking fair where local action groups and scientists will show results of their work presents space for informal discussions, inspirations and sharing of knowledge and experiences. It is an interdisciplinary platform for the exchange of knowledge and skills between practitioners and scholars, focusuing on sustainable integrated development of local communities. The interactive and reflexive approach between theory and practice will provide participants with an insight into the diversity of LEADER both as a practice and a theory.

The long history of LEADER, one in which South East Europe didn’t participate, but whose rules and norms they have adopted or are in the process of adopting, has marked it as an opportunity. Opportunity to bring new dynamics in its disadvantaged territories. The fact that is one of the obligatory measures for member states same as for pre-accession countries proves its importance.

South-East European countries with young democracies and emerging civil society have demonstrated to be also the places of innovation and reframing of LEADER in line with the historical legacies of their territory.Their innovation being embedded in the specific conditions that have formed the creation of its civil society and its further evolution into the State aparatus, and among the local stakeholders.

This conference, in the year in which the eastern Member States celebrate 15 years from the accession to the EU and when  progress is expected in the negotiation between the Western Balkan Countries and the European Union on EU accession, represents an opportunity to take another look on LEADER.

In the eve of the new financial framework of the EU that announces shift in the Common Agriculture and Maritime/Fishery Policies towards a more climate resilient production and more environmental friendly communities it is important that we share innovative ideas, results of research and experiences. That we work together, practitioners and scholars, on creating synergies and fostering broad participation from all members of the society so as to deliver truly sustainable, participative and integrated local development.


Conference Web-Site: https://www.see-leader.eu/